Manage your Carbon Neutrality goal.

We promote decarbonization in organizational environments, through automated management of Key Environmental Performance Indicators.

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Decarbonize your economic activities with Greencloud®️.

Learn more about us and make your organization part of our network of more than 150 organizations worldwide helping with Organizational Carbon Neutrality.

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Our process integrates ISO 14064-1 & 3, GHG Protocol and IPCC to demonstrate Carbon Neutrality in a verified way.

Global Focus

Our API contains more than 3,000 thousand ratios and emission factors from recognized institutions, and allows the measurement of CO2e in any country in the world.


We accelerate decarbonization through the modernization and automation of Carbon Neutrality processes in any type of organization.

Climate Action

We are responsible for accelerating the climate action required to mitigate the causes and effects that aggravate the Climate Crisis.

They talk about our impact

We have been recognized internationally on multiple occasions for our impactful innovation.

GreenCloud as a portfolio of more than 150 clients and takes advantage of the favorable context of a country that aims to be the first carbon neutral economy by 2021.

It allows users to manage valuable information about their environmental performance; it is basically an online green consultant.

It's an online software that combines science, technology and innovation so that any organization can manage a carbon neutral process.


We won an award for the greatest environmental innovation.


We technically validated the software.


We were recognized by CNN in Spanish in its program "Fuerza en Movimiento".


We became a case study of the renowned INCAE business school.

We were invited to an inclusive innovation panel in LATAM.


We started new innovations.



We extended to 22 countries.

Our Clients

We promote Climate Action with incredible companies and organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any small, medium or large organization can incorporate a strategy to achieve Carbon Neutrality. Carbon Neutrality allows any economic activity to internalize the habit of measuring, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its operations and as a response from Action for Climate.

What is Carbon Neutrality?
What standards guide us towards Carbon Neutrality?
How is an efficient Carbon Neutrality process achieved?
What limits the reduction of greenhouse gases?
How does offsetting greenhouse gas emissions work?
What does it mean to have a “Net Zero” goal as an organization?
What does the concept of scope I, II and III emissions refer to?
How is a verified or certified Carbon Neutrality process achieved?

Manage your footprint with innovation and technology.

Strengthen your environmental management according to international standards: GHG Protocol, IPCC, ISO 14064:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018.

Founder's message

Juan De Oliva Maya

GreenCloud®️ It has not been the typical impact Startup that sought to raise capital to grow as fast as it can. Our growth continues to consist of ensuring that each of our clients truly achieves effective Carbon Neutrality management in order to reduce the environmental impact that accelerates Climate Change.

We do it by combining science, innovation and technology to benefit Climate Action.

Our 12 years of experience in Economic Decarbonization and Carbon Neutrality, and supporting recognized corporations around 22 countries has positioned us as a leading company in Latin America among recognized industries and development banks around the world.

Our mission continues to be to ensure that organizations in Latin America or anywhere in the world can address a decarbonization strategy in a conscious, consistent, committed manner and with cutting-edge technology.

In GreenCloud®️, we believe in capital with purpose and awareness as a fundamental element to achieve sustainability in the diverse economies of the world, and we continually create innovative solutions to make this happen.

MBIT.& Eng. Juan De Oliva Maya C.

Net Zero Standards (ISO 14064-1, GHG Protocol, IPCC)

Financial Sector

The Net Zero Strategy Standard - Financial Sector v. 1.1 is a guide for financial institutions in their transition to a low-carbon economy, establishing specific objectives and actions to reduce emissions, finance renewable energy projects, and disclose sustainability information.

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